Kingdom Praise Ministries is a sanctuary of God’s love, light and hope. We believe in working hard to establish God’s kingdom here on earth and we believe it should be done with joyful hearts and loving service. We are made up of disciples who are being challenged to be better and do better for Christ. We are by no means a perfect church but we do believe we serve a perfect God. At KPM, we treat everyone like family and value every individual that chooses to worship with us. We know we’re called to serve our community. And we’re blessed to have the opportunity to challenge our generation for a more fulfilled life! 

Our Mission

To inspire hope, identify potentials and challenge our generation for a more fulfilled life.

Our Values

We are a D.A.S.H church


We believe in raising Christ-like disciples who recognize the importance of God’s work here on earth and are committed to the fulfillment of the great commission.


We believe in raising disciples who are not afraid to be who they are in Christ and bring what God has embedded within them into the ministry.


We believe that the authentic disciples are committed to authentic service and transforming the world through this service.


We believe that there is no place for arrogance in service. If the King of Kings came down to serve us, then we must be ready and willing to serve others without hesitation and with joy in our hearts. Service is an opportunity allowed us from God and we do it with humility.

Our Vision

Proclaim the Gospel of salvation by redemption and forgiveness of sins, through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ to all people of the world;

Establish churches according to the New Testament pattern;

Make disciples of Jesus Christ by helping and teaching all to grow in personal knowledge of and obedience to Jesus Christ and to God in order to bring each one into God’s presence as a mature union

Develop competent leadership for Christian ministry;

Improve the social welfare and or status of the disenfranchised and marginalized;

Improve the social welfare and or status of Ministers or Retired Pastors who are less privileged.

About Our Pastor

Prince Frimpong
Lead Pastor

Prophet Prince Frimpong is a faithful servant of God. He has dedicated his life to serving God’s people and committed all his endeavors to building God’s Kingdom. He believes in cultivating destinies by emboldening individuals to walk in their God-given purpose. He sees the best in individuals and will faithfully shepherd them until every potential within them is unlocked.

As a candidate of Doctorate in Organizational Leadership, he teaches leadership and discipleship skills in ministries around the world.

He is happily married to his beautiful wife Idiki & they passionately work hand in hand challenging people to live more fulfilled lives.

He is the Lead Pastor of Kingdom Praise Ministries based in NJ, USA where he also resides with his family.


What We Believe

Service Times.

Sundays First Family Service @ 9am-10:30am
Sundays Second Family/Cyber Service @11am -1pm
Wednesday Virtual Discipleship Class @7-830pm
Friday Prayer Meeting @ 7pm

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